Art Focused on Beauty of Hair on Display

Pieces look at elegance surrounding hair

Within many cultures, female hair is considered something of a sexual alluring item of women, and is often hidden from public view. Orthodox Jewish women traditional wear headscarves, as do Catholic women.

And if Wisconsin-based artist Tara Bogart’s piece s of A Modern Hair Study is any evidence, then there is in fact some truth to the notion. According to Bogart, the qualities of hair are quite real.

In her series of images of the backs of women’s heads and exposed shoulders, it is not merely intended for seduction. Instead, images are meant to reveal much more across a broader spectrum. It is more of self-definition and mood, says the artist. There is a sort of connectivity to pressed flowers or butterflies, which creates a ‘moment caught in time’ ideal within the work. The images create a sort of freeze-frame of beauty that is so easily overlooked at full heads of hair pass us in everyday life.

Contrasts of hair and pale skin against soft backgrounds create a study in precious documentation of the beauty in pedestrian simplicity.

An accompanying exhibition, simply titled Hair by Demitra Copoulos, was presents sculptures of over-the-top hair style and exaggerated types. Most of the work is created through clay and has a coat or cast material over the clay. Along with her hair studies, she also sculpted busts in previous works.

A third project was created called Adornment by Nicholas Grider. “The work in Adornment comes from wondering about the line where decoration stops being decoration and starts to serve another purpose, in this case to obscure or possibly even muzzle and blindfold a human head.”


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