Most Loyal Fan Study Raises Some Eyebrows

Cowboys at top spot while Raiders somehow end up on bottom

A new study from Emory University Sports Marketing Analytics within Atlanta has completed a study of what it describes the most “Loyal and supportive” NFL fans.

The study did not look simply at the best-selling teams, but instead took into account the teams respective win/loss records, area population, median income, and other factors. The outcome was what the group described as the teams with fans that would show up no matter what, as they claimed “Fan Equity” ranking showed which fanbases are most committed to their teams in general.

The Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, New York Jets, New Orleans Saints, and New York Giants took the top five spots (in descending order). Rounding spots six through 10 were the Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Tennessee Titans.

At the bottom of the list were the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, and finally the Oakland raiders in the infamous final spot.

Dallas was not a huge surprise given the fervor for the sport in the south, as well as the team’s “America’s Team” handle. It is also no surprise that the Patriots and New York Giants are on the top of the list given their consistent winning over the last handful of years.

The Eagles somehow were found at No. 17, which seems highly surprising. The fans of Philadelphia are many things, but disloyal to the team is certainly not one of them. That makes that list seem highly questionable. Raiders and Seahawks being so far down the list also seem a tad insane to some. The Seahawks had a decibel level of 130, which is 10 more than a jet engine during their Sunday Night Football game against the San Francisco 49ers. The Raiders have cultivated an entire culture out of their team’s black and nefarious persona (known as the Black Hole). Disloyal is nowhere near what one would describe them as.


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