Breasts Lifts and Tummy Tucks Not Just for the Vain

Expert says some can use surgeries to boost self confidence

Some may consider plastic surgery only for those vain and callus millionaire’s daughters who have little better to do with their time than try to run from father time. However, plastic surgery often has overlooked capabilities that many forget to take into account. For instance, for some the surgeries help them overcome difficult personal image struggles.

That is the case for Crystal Neilson, who is the mother of four. Neilson found her herself disliking her body more and more with each birth and the general passage of time. Her breasts became more sagged, while her stomach became more deflated and stretched. Neilson put it rather bluntly, stating, “There was stuff falling out all over the place.”

After her fourth child, she has simply had enough of trying to hide her stomach and bust, and decided to say goodbye to her post-baby body. She had her breasts lifted and increased, and she had her stomached flattened out with a tuck.

Nielsen joined the ranks of many women who decided plastic surgery was the way to reclaim her body and her image of herself after bearing multiple children.

“I look better than I did when I was 19,” Neilson said. “I have never looked this good in my whole life.”

The lifestyle changes were an important aspect of Nielsen’s accomplishment. For her, it was not just about looking better superficially, but instead bettering herself overall. According to Dr. Robert Murphy, lifestyle changes can do so much to truly assist in what plastic surgery only supplements. Murphy is the president-elect of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Breast augmentation is up 35% within the past decade, while lifts are up 69% overall. Tummy tucks have increased by a whopping 70%, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

“In a social circle, if one person has done it, then somebody else may get a little more inquisitive and they might follow through with it, too,” Murphy said. Women spend tens of thousands of dollars on the procedures, which the cosmetic surgery industry calls “mommy makeovers.”


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