Cerebral Palsy Brings Twins Together

Chris and Nick Capozziello, 33-year-old Connecticut twins were born six weeks early, and healthy despite being preterm, but soon after delivery, Nick stopped breathing and was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy is a condition of crippling muscle spasms and cognitive challenges, and Chris Capozziello often blames himself for what happened at their birth. “Always as a kid, I was pushing past him in order to break free, what if I did that in the beginning and the cord got wrapped around his neck?”

Chris went on to college, but Nick had to remain home with his parents due to his spasms. Chris felt guilty for having those life experiences, while Nick had to stay home, stuck in time.

Now, the fraternal twins remain close, seeing each other several times a week, and Chris has used his photographer’s eye to give a snapshot into Nick’s life, one filled with pain, but also much joy. He even was able to photograph Nick’s deep brain surgery and his scars. The surgery was performed by doctors to stop his debilitating muscle contractures.

On a typical day, Nick stays at home and surfs on the internet, checking in with Facebook and three to four nights a week he visits with the Knights of Columbus Hall where he smoked cigarettes and is an avid 8- and 9-ball player. He is also an usher at the Catholic Church, where the twins grew up going to mass.

The twins will be publishing a book of Chris’s photos of Nick’s life to help raise awareness of Cerebral Palsy.

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