Study Shows Online Shopping Continuing Rise

Asia is most social with deals while Europe leads total sales

The clothing and accessories sections of stores are essentially becoming obsolete now that more patrons of the stores are becoming online shoppers. The European countries are now the leading section of E-Commerce according to the Index compiled by Rakuten.

The data from the company shows that over half of all the shoppers purchase apparel and accessories on websites, with Germany being the largest market of clothing in the area. According to the data, over 70% of German consumers buy clothing online.

Meanwhile, online clothes shopping is seeing growth within the Americas as well. Online sales for both clothing and footwear have grown across the United States. The tally now reaches over $40 billion according to the Rakuten research, and 60% of shoppers buy clothing online. Brazil is the leading Latin American country to head online purchasing of clothing.

Asia is not exactly ignoring the trend of shopping online either, with 60% of Malaysians and 58% of Taiwanese purchasing items online. The total of clothing bought online in the Asia-Pacific region in 2013 alone reached $389 billion within the last year.

In these modern times, shoppers now look online and across social media sites to find deals and specials they can take advantage of online. “Social Shopping” is most commonly seen in Asia, where 55% of individuals recommend items on their social network. Meanwhile, just under half of all surveyed Americans did the same. Europeans were found to be more independently motivated when it came to shopping online, and less than a third shared their shopping habits. Indonesia was the most active in the social genre, with 80% of shoppers regularly dining items as good guys across their social media. Spain was the move socially vocal across Europe.

Mobile shopping is a large part of the rise in the surge in purchases. More individual are now entering brick-and-mortar stores to seek items they enjoy, and then purchasing them via mobile device. The sales from mobile devices is expected to reach just under $120 billion globally by 2015.


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