Study from New Zealand Finds E-Cigs Helps Quit Smoking

More individuals in research quit due to e-cigs than with patches

The use of electronic cigarettes have given those who enjoy nicotine a supposed respot from the endless criticism of their habit, while still allowing them to smoke. Now, new research from New Zealand is showing that it may in fact help break the nicotine habit altogether for some smokers.

The use of the device vaporizes the nicotine that smokers crave. Where smoke would be omitted, there is now only vapor, and the use has spread quickly as a positive alternative to smoking standard cigarettes. There use is still somewhat held in controversy, but overall, many are happy to say it is at least a somewhat positive turn for many smokers.

Opponents still feel it encourages smoking in many, while proponents are claiming it can cut down (or sometimes wholly eliminate) smoking, and thus reduce the health problems.

Recently, a study from the Lancet is backing those who defend the use of the vaporizers. The new study concluded that “e-cigarettes, with or without nicotine, were modestly effective at helping smokers to quit, with similar achievement of abstinence as with nicotine patches…”

The study looked at a groups of smokers when given separate devices. Just under 300 individuals were handed available e-cigarettes, while 292 were given nicotine patches. Another 73 individuals received placebos that were e-cigarettes that held no nicotine. Each participant was also given opportunity for telephone support through the available QuitLine, however less than half every used the service.

The study results found that after six months, 21 individuals in the e-cigarette group had quit smoking, while 17 of those in the patch group had done the same. Three individuals in the placebo group quit smoking.

“I’m not surprised if the study showed that electronic cigarettes are more effective, particularly in the population that are severely addicted to cigarettes,” says Dr. William Randall, Jr. of Lutherville Personal Physicians, Mercy Health Services, in Maryland. Randall says he’s seen many patients successfully quit smoking with the use of e-cigarettes after other nicotine products (gum, patches, lozenges) had failed.

“Some use just the steam, some use the ones that supply the nicotine,” he explains.


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