Jaguar Looks to Broaden Purchasing Base with C-X17

Small SUV looks to grab some of the market for company

Jaguar recently unveiled its latest prototype for the luxury-auto buyers sector, as the new C-X17 small SUV prototype was unveiled.

The “small SUV” is a crossover design that was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It is based in the new architecture that provides the underpinnings for the latest series of vehicles according to Whitley, a England-based manufacturer. The first card is based on technology available in midsize sedans in 2015. The move is said to be the brand attempting to widen its appeal from the strictly luxury sector.

With this technical foundation, we will dramatically expand Jaguar’s product offering, market potential and customer appeal,” Adrian Hallmark, head of the Jaguar brand for Tata’s Jaguar Land Rover unit, said Monday. “This new philosophy will bring technology from our luxury products into an accessible price segment.”

Jaguar, which currently sells a mere 5% of all vehicles delivered to customers globally by the Munich-based BMW, has offered but four models within the United States, and none have been SUVs. BMW currently has four crossovers as a part of the the 11 vehicle lines currently used. The English name plate is mounting a new challenge to its German rivals in order to assist its image with F-Type Roadster type cars that range up to $69,000.

“They need an anchor vehicle, like a Mercedes C-Class or BMW 3-Series, something a bit more attainable for luxury buyers,” said Jessica Caldwell, a senior industry analyst for, which tracks U.S. auto sales. “Now is really good time” for Jaguar to enter the segment.

Jaguars cheapest card is a XF sedan that will run buyers $46,759 without any perks. BMW,meanwhile, offers a $30,800 X1 SUV, while a $29,900 CLA four-door compact coupe is offered by Mercedes.

“There are a number of customers who don’t want a German luxury car and may opt for a Jaguar or a Land Rover,” said Juergen Maier, a Vienna-based fund manager at Raiffeisen Capital Management, which oversees about $1.1 billion in emerging-market assets, including shares in Tata Motors. “Overall, I’m quite confident on Jaguar Land Rover.”


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