Infographic on Global Trends of Online and Live Casino Games Released by VueTec Ltd

VueTec Ltd released an infographic containing recent data and information about the online gambling industry. The infographic contains important figures such as the top online and live casino games and revenues from previous years.

The online gambling industry is growing in popularity as more people are discovering the advantage and convenience of playing online. The industry has been thriving thanks to recent developments in the IT sector. Almost all types of live casino games have been transformed digitally. With the help of advanced software security, transactions and dealings are even more reliable. To illustrate the success of online gambling, VueTec Ltd recently released an infographic that graphically presents the global trends and data of the online gambling industry.  The infographic condenses important information that people usually ask about the industry. Compared to other gambling methods, online gambling is rather young. A lot of people are still uncertain and doubtful of the industry’s current status. There are also questions about its future. VueTec Ltd hopes to shed some light in the matter through their infographic.

According to the infographic, the global online gambling market was valued at 21.73 billion euros in 2012. Affiliate industries were able to generate 2.1 billion euros in the same year. The online gambling scene was dominated by sports betting followed by casino games, poker, and lastly bingo. The infographic stated that as much as 53 percent of the online gambling gross win in 2012 came from sports betting. It generated 11.5 billion euros followed by casino gaming with 5.5 billion euros, poker with 3.1 billion euros and bingo with 1.6 billion euros. The infographic also included the key factors that drive the growth of the online gambling market. It listed consumer preference, technological innovation, economic resilience and encouraging laws as the top reasons. The infographic also singled out US because of its stricter online gambling laws. US accounts only 11 percent of the total global online gambling market but was forecasted to increase as more people are turning to online gambling.

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