Pantene and Walmart Team Up to Provide Hair for Cancer Patients

Walmart provided gift cards for those who donate

Maintaining hair can feel like a full-time job, and that is why so many women simply find it is time to take to chopping off their locks in order to feel a bit of freedom. However, it is important to remember that while hair may feel like a throw-away burden, it is a privilege that many do not take for all that it is worth.

Cancer treatments leave oh-so-many individuals without the ability to have hair. And for some the loss of hair can be a demoralizing and traumatic reality. Even when it is only faint discomfort at the loss, every bit of positive attitude can count for those afflicted with the various forms of the disease, and that is why donating human hair for wigs is so important.

For those who were ready to take the plunge into donation, September 7 provided them with an opportunity during National Donate Your Hair Day. Those who were courageous enough to lop off as much hair as possible were able to participate in the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program, which donated ponytails collected from willing participants to be turned into wonderful wigs.

The wigs are given to women who have lost their hair through various cancer treatments, most commonly chemotherapy is the main culprit for hair loss.

The wigs are available at no cost to said recipients, and even before the program began officially, over 28,000 wigs were given to the American Cancer Society’s wig banks nationwide in 2013. The team at Pantene teamed up with the corporate and nonprofit partners to help make the National Donate Your Hair Day a success.

Walmart also played their part, donating a $30 rebate via Visa gift cards to reimburse for salon haircuts. The reward is available throughout October, and can be redeemed by mailing in the receipt from the salon along with the product purchased at Walmart in order to receive the card.


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