T Plumbing & Heating Shares Their Passion of Providing Boiler Repairs Croydon

Tony Bynoe, owner of T Plumbing & Heating, offers their services and expertise in boiler repair to the people in Croydon. The boiler servicing company shares their passion in providing efficient and proper heating to the people in Croydon.

Every home requires an adequate supply of heat and hot water. These are basic necessities along with food, water and electricity. The central heating system has always been a major consideration when designing a home. With its very significant contribution in making a house habitable, there should be ample attention and care given to the machine. Sadly, a lot of boilers break down even before they reach their maximum working lifespan. This is the result of improper use and lack of maintenance. A boiler failure disrupts almost all activities in a household. It also puts the people inside at risk due to cold exposure. To protect the families in Croydon, the boiler servicing company T Plumbing & Heating has been providing boiler services such as boiler installation and boiler repair Croydon. The company is Gas Safe accredited and the engineers are Gas Safe registered, making them qualified by law to work on any gas related projects. The results of a faulty boiler system is not only limited to breakdown. Ill-fitted pipes and improper maintenance can cause risks and harm to the household. Life threatening accidents such as poisoning and explosions are results of natural gas leaks. If a wrong pipe size is used or fitted, there is a big probability that the high pressure inside the system will create leaks in the valves and joints.

Tony Bynoe, founder and owner of T Plumbing & Heating, understands the risks and consequences of poorly done boiler repairs Croydon. He and his fellow engineers have been performing boiler maintenance and repairs around Croydon for years. They stated in their website how they value the importance of quality work and good customer relations. Their website, www.boilerrepairscroydon.com, also showcases the recent projects that they have done. It includes the testimonials and comments from former clients as reference for the quality of their work.

About T Plumbing & Heating

T Plumbing & Heating is a Croydon based boiler servicing company. The company is located at 8 Philip Gardens, Shirley, Croydon, CR0 8DT. Their number is 07831 120 231 and email address is info@tplumbingandheating.co.uk. Visit www.boilerrepairscroydon.com for more details.

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Media Contact
Company Name: T Plumbing & Heating
Contact Person: Tony Bynoe
Email: info@tplumbingandheating.co.uk
Phone: 07831 120 231
City: Shirley
State: Croydon
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.boilerrepairscroydon.com/