8 Tips On Travel Insurance

Vacations were designed to get away from it all but insurance is not something you should leave behind

When you go on vacation you leave everything behind… including your doctors. Accidents, loss and theft often happen when you travel and it is critically important that you are insured for any unexpected expenses. It is vital to know what is covered by any insurance policy and what is not. Travel insurance can be obtained for many potential losses. Here are eight tips to avoiding common travel insurance pitfalls.

1. Try not to duplicate your coverage

Your credit card may insure some of your possessions, when you use it to pay for your trip, as well as your home insurance. Do not insure certain possessions twice if possible. If you purchase travel insurance, be aware that some have single item limits and may not be appropriate for items that are more expensive. In this case, an All Risk policy may better suit your needs.

2. Be sure you are covered in each country you will be visiting

Regional and worldwide policies sometimes exclude certain countries.

3. Be honest about pre-existing medical conditions

Pre-existing conditions may cost you a little more in premiums but it is worth being certain that your medical expenses are covered. Under pre-existing conditions, there is usually a 48-hour hospitalization excess. Medical expenses are covered only if you are in the hospital 48 hours or more.

4. Compare travel agency, airline and broker prices

They should all be similar but brokers may be able to tailor your insurance requirements.

5. Credit card automatic travel coverage may be insufficient

Generally, this type of coverage only applies to emergency medical expenses and excludes pre-existing medical conditions. However, many credit card companies offer add-ons for full coverage.

6. Choosing your excess

Cheaper policies usually have higher deductibles. Balance the cost of a policy with what it will cost you in the event of a claim.

7. Be sure your activities are covered

Some activities such as scuba diving, mountain climbing or skiing require additional coverage.

8. Annual coverage

Frequent travelers should consider entire year coverage over single trip policies. The cost savings could be significant, depending on how many times you will travel.

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