Nutreve releases infographic explaining device’s hair-therapy superiority

The Optimal Hand-Held Laser Hair Therapy Device
Light hair therapy has become an increasingly popular choice for fighting hair loss

Hair loss can be a traumatic and difficult process to handle for many. For so long so many have been without quality long-lasting solutions. But now Nutreve Hair Loss has released an infographic that explains just how effective and lasting a hand-held laser hair therapy solution can be.

According to the infographic, the therapy device delivers a 171.5 milliwatt stream directly to the scalp, and utilizes 35 laser diodes during use. That number is significantly larger in power than other handheld devices.

Neutreve showed that competitors numbers only go as high as 25 diodes, and some are as low as 12 diodes. The output of the diodes are also less than Nutreve’s personal hair therapy device, While it’s own diode output is 4.9 milliwatts.

The total power put out by the Nutreve unit is also unmatched, with more than 50 milliwatts more power than the closest competitor. And while it’s own device uses pulsed wave technology, competitors lack the capability altogether.

Because of the many qualities of the Nutreve device, along with its hands-free option and rechargeable capabilities, the Nutreve’s device is head-and-shoulders above its competition. Why would one one even be interested in a 3.5 milliwatt device that does less for the scalp and offers less options?

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