California Dental Offices Provide Annual Free Services to Those in Need

Over 1,000 across seven offices expected

Free dental care to individuals who need it is now being offered by Dr. Kamran Sahabi and his staff. Sahabi founded the California Dental Group, which currently operates seven separate offices in Southern California.

The DDS recalled a time when his father told him all about the need for dental care in Iran. He noted that he was told so many could not afford it, and that he should always give to the community when he could.

Sahabi shared before and after photos of individuals he treated, including a young girl. The photo of the girl showed teeth that were unattractive and in need of repair. The after photo should a set of nearly perfect teeth, all in line and clean. “As soon as she saw her teeth, she started crying,” said Sahabi. “I’m sure that changed her life.”

Currently, the California Dental Group is doing all it can to continue giving back to the community, offering annual care over two days. It covers everything from fillings and emergency root canals, to gum cleanings and extractions.

The services are held on a first-come, first-serve basis but there are no parameters for turn-away of service. Those who cannot be seen in the time provided due to time constraints are given a pass to return to the clinic at a time they can make the appointment work for them. The offering does have its limitations in other regards. Individuals can only be treated once per year, but no one will be questioned about their ability to pay.

“People appreciate this,” said Sahabi. “I can see when they come in they know this is invaluable to them. That’s the main thing.”

A tally of at least 1,000 patients are expected across the seven offices, said Sahabi. The goal is to not only help individuals in need, but to also educate those who can learn more about how to treat their own teeth and maintain proper dental practices.


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