Pleasant Hill Expected to Regulate Firearms and Ammo Sales

After several mass shootings in the past year and several failed Congressional attempts to pass tighter federal gun laws, Pleasant Hill, California may create their own regulations on firearms and ammunitions sales.

Pleasant Hill City Council met last Monday and scheduled a voting for a new ordinance that would require a police permit for gun dealers. Under the proposal, gun stores could not locate within 150 feet of a residence, within 500 feet of any park, another gun dealer, massage parlor or adult entertainment venue, or within 1,000 feet of a day care of school. In addition, store owners and employees would have to pass a criminal background check, and install an alarm system and surveillance cameras.

Supports of the proposal believe it will make Pleasant Hill saer by exercising “reasonable” control over potentially dangerous products. However, those opposed say the ordinance in unfair to gun dealers who already must comply with several other state and federal laws and regulations.

Mayor Michael Harris and Councilman David Durant present a draft of the ordinances last month, the city attorney made mostly minor revisions to ensure it conforms to the state and federal law already in place.

Existing firearms dealers would be exempt from the new location restrictions, but they would have to submit employees’ background information to Pleasant Hill Police. City staffers estimate that Pleasant Hill would need to charge over $700 to recoup the cost of processing each permit application.


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