NFL Tickets for As Little As $12.71

Low demand for tickets has driven the price of some games to under $20 in some cities

In week four of the NFL season there are three teams with a combined win/loss record of 1/8. With records like that, they practically give away the tickets to the game to get someone in the stadium. That is exactly what is happening in three locations in the country this week — Jacksonville, St. Louis and Tampa Bay. Fans in these cities are not exactly lining up at the ticket counter and the price of the tickets reflects this fact. You can actually get into the stadium and watch a pro football game for under $20. Of course, you would have to be a die-hard fan to keep from falling asleep.

If you will be in St. Louis this Thursday night and have never been to the game you can check it out for $15 as the Rams take on the 49ers. Fifteen dollars would not even cover the cost of beer in San Francisco, let alone a football ticket. Unfortunately, you may have to spend a lot on beer to enjoy the game. Three fivers is pretty cheap to get into a pro game but it is not the cheapest ticket price in the fourth week of the season.


The Colts play this week for the unbelievably low price of $12.71 in Jacksonville. The only problem is you will have to watch the Jaguars play too. While the Jaguars are on offense, you could go for a walk to the candy counter or sit it in your seat and poke yourself with a sharp object. Anything would be better than watching Blaine Gabbert make believe he is a professional NFL football player. That $12.71 price is the lowest that has been on the NFL ticket exchange or Stubhub since the start of the season. Arizona is also playing in Tampa Bay this week for the low cost of $18 but that game may be a little more exciting — a little.



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