Hotels let Towels Dry Overnight to help with Energy Costs and Going ‘Green’

While many hotel cleaning services won’t replace your towels every day unless you leave them on the floor, more hotels are asking you to tell the desk if you want your towels cleaned every day.

The Aria hotel and casino in Las Vegas has implemented a new plan to help the environment and cut back on costs. If you stay the night, you’ll have to ask the service desk for clean towels, otherwise the cleaning service people will hang them in your hotel room to dry overnight so they can be reused again.

Around a third of the hotel’s room revenue comes from conferences and meetings, the rest comes from the casino and hotels itself. IBM asks every supplier it works with, from MGM to the company that makes it circuit boards, for an environmental plan, so a lot of companies are working on becoming more environmentally friendly.

If you’re not into reusing your towels, however, you can ask for them to be washed every day. Most people don’t have time to worry about the sustainability implications of the choices they are making, so companies such as Aria hotel and IBM are helping them make those environmentally friendly choices.

Companies save a lot of money with sustainability measures, but going green can also get them business. People who are that sustainably conscience can see the hotel is making big changes, and choose to spend their money where they know their values and sentiments are being honored.


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