Thanks To Voice Search, Mobile SEO Is Vital

Local retail and global companies alike will have to adapt to voice search

Voice search has shown significant improvements over the past few months and has been attracting more attention. Conversational search capability can now seamlessly refer back to their previous searches. Since voice recognition programs such as Google Now and Apple’s Siri, search has become relative and more conversational. By displaying results based on previous search intents, encyclopedic data is provided directly to users in the SERP, through the continually expanding knowledge graph. There is no need for click throughs and less space for companies.

Voice search is typically inputted in complete sentences, where typed search is usually a single word or phrase. In June of this year, Google engineer, Matt Cuts, confirmed that Google is attempting to adapt to user conversational query syntax. Google displays the user’s current location on a map to the voice search “Where am I?” Google remembers the result to this search and returns popular local attractions to a second query, “Show me things to do here.” If the user picks a particular attraction, the search results will pull the most recent information through Google Maps.

The main goal of the search engine is to provide the user with the exact information he/she is looking for, conveniently. Since voice search is more convenient and gaining in popularity, marketers have to adapt search strategies around this vertical. For voice search, optimizing for mobile devices is critical. Keeping local profiles up to date, especially on Google Maps, is important for companies with multiple retail locations. More conversational and natural speech patterns (long tail keywords and phrases) should be researched and built into a content strategy around commonly searched sentences. This will not only increase a business’s search visibility, it will build brand awareness, as the business may become a resource within the industry.



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