Eurotire Announces Sponsorship Of The Russian Muay Thai Federation – Kuzbass Division

The Russian National Muay Thai Championships in Kemerovo was the perfect venue for Eurotire OTR Tires to initiate their sponsorship of the Muay Thai Federation. The firm wanted to show support for area youth, and help promote physical fitness and the type of discipline that the martial-arts provides.

KEMEROVO, RUSSIA, October 5, 2013, The Russian Muay Thai Federation has become a force to be reckoned with as their members prove to the world that Russian Muay Thai fighters deserve to be at the top of the sport. The recent National Championships that took place in Kemerovo, Russia was the perfect venue for Eurotire, the global leader in the manufacture of off-the-road mining tires, and OTR tires, to announce that they were Sponsoring the Russian Muay Thai Federation.

Muay Thai is a great sport for youth all over the world to build self-confidence and discipline through a healthy way of life. The Russian fighters have been able to become a dominant force in Muay Thai, and they intend to win as many Weight Divisions as possible. The Russian Muay Thai Federation is a Non-Profit Public Organization that was created with the goal of spreading the popularity of the sport in Russia.

Eurotire Management felt that this was a worthy cause and a great way to give back to the community in thanks for the great success they have enjoyed. Just like the Federation has become a dominant force, Eurotire continues to dominate the off-the-road mining tire market. An International Firm with offices on five continents includes some of the most remote and demanding surface mining applications. With a strong focus on the world’s emerging mining markets, Eurotire designs and manufactures bias ply and all steel radial tires for haul-trucks, wheel loaders, and other heavy support trucks.

During a recent press conference, a Eurotire Spokesperson had this to say: “At Eurotire, we believe in going “beyond boundaries” in the mining industry. The Russian Muay Thai Federation has proven that they too go beyond boundaries to prove their supremacy in World Class Muay Thai Fighting. We make an excellent partnership to show our youth that there are no boundaries to their future success”.

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