Amanda Bynes Leaves UCLA Psych Ward, Headed to Malibu Rehab

The troubled actress has been in rehab since she was placed on 5150 mandatory psychiatric evaluation in July earlier this year.

Amanda Bynes was originally being treated at a Ventura County, California, facility before deciding to transfer to the UCLA Medical Center at her mother’s request, since she believed it was one of the best places for treatment in the country.

Now Bynes, 27, has decided to move treatment centers again, checking into the Malibu Rehab Center called the Canyon, around three weeks ago. According to TMZ, Amanda is reportedly still in bad shape and not making the progress her parents and doctors were expecting, and continues to make bad decisions.

TMZ reports that “she interacts with people very little” and rarely leaves the area where she’s living. In addition, since she’s paranoid that paparazzi will find her, she’s decided to wear a wig.The Canyon, which is more high-profile, but does not offer the same psychiatric care that UCLA did, still have Amanda under a conservatorship, meaning her mom is allowed to make decisions on her behalf. This means that her mother must have approved the transfer. In May, Amanda was accused of throwing a bong out of her window, but has since denied that she smokes marijuana.


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