Experts Discuss New Trends for Outdoor Furniture

Multi-faceted and bold concepts are in; Safe is out

It should be no surprise that outdoor furniture trends change. They fall under the same rules as anything else, and what was once ‘in’ is now ‘out’ and vice versa. New trends are sometimes hard to note, but there are some common trends in modern-day furniture that have been well established in the last year.

Blue hues have made an impact in recent showings. Safe colors are no longer considered a sought-after style, as more explosive and dynamic pallets are considered more en vogue. Contrasting blocks and geometric patterns have also made their way back onto the scene in recent furniture designs.

Sydney landscape designer, Adam Robinson, says color is likely the most significant trend in decoration.

“It seems that as the weather warms up, we have more confidence to embrace color,” he says. “Bulky brown synthetic wicker settings with a combination of taupe cushions have well and truly slipped from being a top trend and there is certainly a move towards color.”

“We are not afraid of combining color and pattern either,” says Robinson. “And just like in fashion we are seeing color blocking outdoors. This is evident in soft furnishings, in particular. Due to improvements in textile technology we can leave our cushions outdoors all year round, without major molding or fading.”

One has to also consider both tint and tone when it comes to furniture design. “Lovely soft pastels and nature’s gentle earthy tones are coming into play,” says Robinson. “Think mint green, soft pink, peach, lavender, powder blue, as well as army green and burnt orange.”

Jamie Durie also has strategies and concept opinions on how outdoor furniture in particular ought look in the modern seasons. His concern is more on the overall layout of the pieces:

“Outdoor modular lounges are a great versatile design idea that allows you to create different configurations to suit your lifestyle and the size and shape of your outdoor room. The new Fremantle modular in my Patio range at Big W is really clever. Each piece is available separately and features an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table.”

With furniture that can handle more than a single function, the concept simply is that outdoor furniture should be dynamic out there if it is so inside. Why limit the capability of a piece after all?

Robinson suggested allowing one’s self to be inventive isn’t a bad idea either. “Think about how you might find a double use for some product. For example, a low stool might double up as a side table when not required for extra seating. A decorative timber screen might hide a solution for storage.”


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