Two of the Countries Best Collegiate Wrestlers Primed to Meet in November

Fans are ready to see two undefeateds from last year square off

From the successes of last year’s line-up, the All-Star Classic will be featuring another highly-anticipated “Dream Match-Up” for its wrestling season on November 2, at the Patriot Center on the campus of George Mason University.

Two of the largest names in United States collegiate wrestling, Logan Stieber of Ohio State and Kendric Maple of Oklahoma, have each accepted the call to participate at the 149-pound class and are slotted to match-up at the event.

“You will only see this match up in the All-Star Classic as they won’t be in the same weight class at the national tournament,” said George Mason head coach Joe Russell. “My hat goes off to these two great competitors for agreeing to put it on the line at the NWCA Allstar Classic.”

Each athlete is coming off an almost-identical season wherein each went undefeated and finished their seasons with an NCAA Championship. Maple finished 31-0 at the 141-pound division while Sieber grabbed 27.0 record at the 133-pound division.

Steiber currently sits at 60-2 with two NCAA Championships and earned his place on the National team at 60 kg in the offseason. He placed third in the World Team trials prior to gaining his spot.

Maple is now 102-18 with his final season set to be underway. He has already been a two-time All-America and is likely on his way for a third.

“We believe wrestling fans deserve to see stars square off” said Ohio State head coach Tom Ryan. “Logan is a leader in the sport as is Maple. We are all looking forward to watching these two elite athletes wrestle in the All-Star meet.

The new concept of a weight-change matchup for both has created intense excitement among wrestling fans, as the two are primed to meet up.

“I appreciate the vision of Wade Schalles for originally pitching the idea of out of weight class matches, Tom Brands for helping push the idea forward, Tom Ryan and Mark Cody for encouraging and allowing their wrestlers to compete in a true All-Star bout,” said Russell. “November 2 will be an electric night in the Patriot Center.”


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