New Garcinia Cambogia Formula Shatters Sales Records At HealthyNow Nutritionals

“Dominating The Competition”
New Garcinia Extract hits the weight loss market and dominates the competition breaking all sales records.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, October 6, 2013, Supplement manufacturers know when they introduce a new formulation that it is a tough climb to the top, especially in the weight loss industry. HealthyNow Nutritionals recently introduced a cutting-edge Garcinia Cambogia Formula that took-off like a rocket and quickly dominated the weight loss industry. There are many Garcinia Extracts on the market, but few rival this new formula. Inventory has been flying off the shelves, and all sales records at HealthyNow Nutritionals have been broken.

Management is so delighted that they would like to say “Thank-You” to all their loyal customers. The majority of customers become repeat customers simply because the product works. As a way of giving back to the community, the folks over at HealthyNow Nutritionals have produced a Smoothie Recipe eBook that they are going to give away Free with each purchase. A company spokesperson had this to say during a recent interview: “People underestimate the value of a Smoothie. Our researchers have come up with a Smoothie Recipe eBook that will help people feed their body with optimum nutrition. Their metabolic rate will shift into high gear, and they will be burning calories all day long. Coupled with our potent Garcinia Capsules, this is an unbeatable “waste-slimming” duo.”

So exactly what is it that separates this Garcinia Cambogia Extract from all others. One thing is its potency. Most Garcinia products have around a 50% concentration of the active ingredient, called Hydroxycitric Acid, or HCA. HealthyNow Nutritionals spent the extra money to have a 65% HCA concentration. Clearly the most potent on the market. They also included Chromium, which is well known for its ability to modulate blood sugar levels. Potassium and Calcium are also included to help with absorption.

What this product represents is the “Holy Grail of Weight Loss” made into a formula. HealthyNow Nutritionals created a real formula that hits the mark, exceeding all recommendations by Dr. Oz, of the Hit TV Health Show. Dr. Oz was fascinated with this compounds ability to act in multiple ways to become a “fat-buster” in a bottle. Garcinia Cambogia is a powerful appetite suppressant, mood elevator, metabolic booster and is even able to shut down the enzyme that converts carbs into fat cells.

For a limited time, HealthyNow is offering a special Coupon Code #ILKHSG9P for a $10.00 discount on a bottle of Garcinia Capsules. In addition, a Free Smoothie Recipes eBook will be given to all new customers

Find out all about this remarkable weight-loss aid: Maximum Strength 65% HCA Garcinia

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