Historic Project Units Enjoy Upgrade to Become More Energy Efficient

Units now equipped with upgraded windows, water-heater, and heating units

The Xavier House, which is a section 8 housing project, has now been given something to smile about ever since it was given an intensive renovation to the building that many call their home.

The renovations were valued at a shade under $2 million, and were aimed to simply enhance the housing structure that has stood for over 125 years. Much of the renovation had to do with making sure the structure was energy efficient, while some of the changes that were made were for aesthetic purposes.

The Xavier House’s most noted change came from how it can be feud form the outside. Energy-efficient windows were installed in each of the 34 units in the building. Insulation that meets current energy-efficiency standards, heating systems and hot-water systems were also added to the complex.

Some residents attended the midday open house that was held last Thursday to view the new renovations and learn how it will has improved their homes.

Resident Cheryl Singleton stated that she has been proud to call the Xavier House home for the last three years, and noted that the renovations will only increase the sentiment as she enjoys a more cost-effective housing unit.

There is so much community here,” Singleton said. “It’s a great family environment.” And she added that the Xavier House may now have an added benefit of being a more sociable and open housing unit that holds possibilities on the horizon.

“Now I want to own my own bakery,” Singleton said. “I didn’t have dreams like that before I lived here.”

Local dignitaries also arrived to the open house to enjoy the celebration of the renovations. Among them was Mayor Donnalee Lozeau, who cited that he renovation were not only directly helpful to the residents, but also showed people coming together for the common good of others. She then encouraged the building’s residents in order to create stronger upkeep.

Section 8 is a rental program that is designed to house low-income individuals, which is run by the Federal Housing Administration.

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