IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski Publishes “M140

“Twice The Muscle In Half The Time”
Finally, a Muscle Building System that is Guaranteed to work. “M140″ utilizes the ground-breaking “NOS” technology.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, October 11, 2013, It looks like it took an IFBB Pro like Ben Pakulski to break thru the muscle-building barriers that so many fitness enthusiasts experience. Going to the gym every day for hours at a time does not Guarantee muscle growth and definition. But the “M140” System that Ben invented is Guaranteed to build twice the muscle in half the time.

If anyone should know, it would be Ben Pakulski, who is one of the 15 Top Ranked Bodybuilders on the planet. Fourteen years in the making, Ben lays it all out in an easy to follow system, no chance of doing the wrong exercise movements and causing injuries. “M140” is designed not only for beginners but also for pro bodybuilders. Since its release, Ben has been bombarded with accolades from all kinds of fitness enthusiasts. Pro-bodybuilders are using the “M140” program to get ripped for competitions. There is a reason why Ben has received reams of Customer Testimonials, and that reason is because it works.

Ben explains that the days of just blindly pumping iron are over. There is scientific proof what works, and what doesn’t, and Ben is one of the people that has been able to prove what works. One of his discoveries is the “NOS” Solution, which stands for Neurological Overload Sets, and is directly responsible for new muscle growth spurts and overcoming plateaus. The “NOS” Solution has been tested and proved to be the best method of high-intensity training. “M140” teaches how to overload the muscles, create a metabolic debt, and overload the nervous system to force adaptation, which results in muscle growth.

Certain kinds of workouts will stimulate Testosterone production, but not everyone knows what works. Ben has put all this info into the “M140” System. It’s all about stimulating the endocrine system to release anabolic hormones. Everybody knows that it is easier to add fat than muscle. The idea is to pack-on lean muscle without overeating and consuming dangerous amounts of protein. After all, it is possible to consume too much protein. The “M140” System contains Ben’s 3-Phase Nutrition Plan to build muscle and get ripped at the same time.

For complete info, check out: Ben Pakulski’s Award Winning “M140” System

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