Frozen Yogurt Spreads Throughout Oregon

Industry is booming for frozen treats

Frozen yogurt outlets have been seen popping up across Oregon’s Binghamton region in the last year, and it simply a sign of the times and frozen-fun trend. Sweetest Thing Premium Frozen Yogurt has now opened in the area, completing the rejuvenation of the plaza that has been considered long dominant. In a short couple of weeks, Simply Sweet Frozen Yogurt will then open its doors in Binghamton as well.

“We decided on it because of the craze that’s going on with frozen yogurt and it being the healthier option,” said Becky Christophersen, a Vestal resident who is opening Simply Sweet with her husband, Brian.

The region that will house the yogurt shop is becoming well known for the frozen treats store and Frozen Yogurt opened on Empire Plaza in Chenango two months prior. The store now sees over 900 per day.

Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt also opened two locations in Binghamton, and the frozen yogurt chain now has 27 stores that pulled in over $42 million in 2012.

Frozen yogurt was first brought onto the scene in the United States in the 1970s, and the craze has persisted ever since. It was originally a Korean concept, where a company titled Red Mango sold a sour version of yogurt in 2004. Pinkberry soon opened in California and took the state by storm.

Now, one decade later, the craze has spread throughout the nation. Executive Vice President of Technomic, Darren Tristano, stated that his firm estimates over $6.9 billion in the frozen dessert industry in 2013. That is up from $6.5 billion in 2012.

The boom can at least partially be attributed to a switch from premium frozen shops to self-serve accommodations. That creates a more affordable-to-open option for franchises. The savings are passed onto consumers, which is a win for everyone except teenagers who need work.


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