IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski Publishes “MI40

“Twice The Muscle In Half The Time”
Reveals the secrets of high intensity, short duration exercise sessions. Explains the exclusive, and proven, “NOS” technology.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, October 12, 2013, IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski has accomplished more than most bodybuilders can ever dream of, but his crowning achievement is the development of bodybuilding’s latest system, the MI40 System. Ben has been able to create a bodybuilding system that is capable of breaking through those muscle growth plateaus. The times when more and more exercise just seems to be getting a person nowhere. This is the only system that is Guaranteed to build twice the muscle in half the time. A bold Guarantee for sure.

It took a person of Ben Pakulski’s experience to develop the MI40 System. He is one of the 15 Top Ranked Bodybuilders on the planet, and has been developing and refining this system for over fourteen years. The MI40 System was designed to be enjoyable to read, and enjoyable to perform. Of noteworthy mention is the way the correct form and movement is illustrated which eliminates the possibility of injuries.

Ordinary people are using the MI40 System to get into the best shape of their lives, and Pro-bodybuilders are using the MI40 System to get ripped for competitions. There is a reason why Ben Pakulski has received reams of Customer Testimonials, and that reason is because it works. Fitness enthusiasts of all ages, and both men and women have been thrilled with their results. Ben explains that the days of just blindly pumping iron are over.

One of Ben Pakulski’s discoveries is the “NOS” Solution, which stands for Neurological Overload Sets, and is directly responsible for initiating new muscle growth spurts and in overcoming frustrating plateaus. The “NOS” Solution has been tested and proved to be the best method of high-intensity training. MI40 teaches how to overload the muscles, create a metabolic debt, and overload the nervous system to force adaptation, which results in muscle growth.

Science has proven that specific kinds of workouts will stimulate the production of Testosterone. Ben Pakulski knows what they are, and has included them in his MI40 System. It’s all about stimulating the endocrine system to release anabolic hormones. It may be easier to add Fat than Muscle, but all that is changed with Ben’s MI40 System. The MI40 System contains Ben’s 3-Phase Nutrition Plan to build muscle and get ripped at the same time.

For complete info, check out: Ben Pakulski’s Award Winning “MI40” System

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