The Releford Medical Institute Reports That It Has Successfully Used Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy To Treat Ankle Injuries Similar To Deron Williams’ Ankle Injury

“A Pioneer In The Field of Regenerative Medicine and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy”
Deron Williams has previously benefitted from Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy. The Brooklyn Nets Veteran found that PRP is both effective and non-invasive.

INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA, October 17, 2013, Back in 2012, Deron Williams was plagued with injuries in both ankles. Pro-sports insiders credit his mid-season comeback to the innovative Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) he received. Once again, a recent ankle sprain has kept the Brooklyn Nets player off the court during pre-season training. These types of ankle sprains can linger, slowing both professional and amateur athletes alike. The Releford Medical Institute has enjoyed a great degree of success in treating these types of injuries with PRP Injections.

The founder and CEO of The Releford Medical Institute, and the Releford Foot and Ankle Institute (RFAI), Dr. Bill Releford, a doctor of Podiatric medicine had this to say at a recent press conference: “Like Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods, Deron Williams has benefitted from PRP injections. At the RMI, we have a team in place to treat sports-related and orthopedic injuries using a proprietary PRP methodology and treatment.”

The Medical Director of The Releford Medical Institute, Dr. John Simmonds, explains further: “Though I haven’t personally reviewed the Deron Williams case, injuries like his often benefit from PRP injections. The shots typically relieve pain and induces an inflammatory process that promotes tissue regeneration and hastens healing.”

PRP has the potential to “supercharge” the healing process when injected into damages tissues. The research team at Releford Medical Institute have developed proprietary methods to use PRP  in the treatment of Diabetic and HIV Neuropathy. They also use the injections in Orthopedics and sports medicine to treat joint and tendon pain, ankle sprains, heel pain, non-healing wounds, plantar fasciitis, poor circulation, and many other conditions. PRP therapy has made headlines due to its successful use by professional athletes like Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, and Rafael Nadal.

The Releford Medical Institute is a full-service podiatric, sports medicine, and orthopedic practice. Dr. Releford, together with Medical Director and Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. John Simmonds, and Tissue Specialist, James Hays, provide the highest standards of medical care, and manage common and complex orthopedic conditions. Non-surgical methods are employed whenever possible, and include proprietary PRP injections, patient education, chiropractic, physical medicine, physical therapy, rehabilitative treatments, nutrition, and sports medicine education. 

The Releford Foot and Ankle Institute is committed to healthcare outreach and advocacy. It aims to expand community-based health screenings through innovative partnerships, and has a longstanding commitment to reduce the diabetes-related amputation rate and provide comprehensive wound care and limb salvage services.

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