Life Cycle Solutions & TransR Corporation to be featured on 21st Century Business Television Series

MMP (USA), Inc. is pleased to announce that Life Cycle Solutions and TransR Corporation, comprehensively providing Product Life Cycle Management Solutions and Business Process

Boca Raton, FL  — Transformation Resources, will be airing on 21st Century Business on CNBC (as paid programming) on October 19, 2013.

Today’s frail economy coupled with high operating and high labor costs are a recipe for failure. Effectively streamlining the product lifecycle process is a key ingredient to remaining both competitive and profitable. Mark J Silvestri, CEO and Principal Consultant, Life Cycle Solutions and TransR Corporation, provides insight into how well-designed enterprise solutions support execution on business strategies. On the show, Mark Silvestri shares the key for companies to avoid spending millions of dollars in the wrong direction. Mark also explains Business Process Transformation and Enterprise Solutions.


About  Life Cycle Solutions

Since 1992, Life Cycle Solutions (LCS) designs and deploys Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. PLM empowers the design factory with all the cross functional processes and roles united across the value chain. In addition, PLM provides deep integration with other critical enterprise systems like ERP.  A world recognized company, LCS, helps deploy the design factory information backbone for companies from top to bottom—taking them out of legacy into the 21st century. LCS guarantees PLM solution success. For more information go to

About  TransR Corporation           

TransR, a newly incorporated entity, supplies ‘transformation resources’ across the enterprise; satisfying the talent gap for resources steeped in both business acumen and familiarity with enterprise solutions.  Every major business process transformation project is limited by the availability of key resources — solution architects and change agents. Yet, it is those very resources that set the direction for the tens and sometimes hundreds of people working on the details.  What company can afford to spend millions of dollars racing fast and furiously in the absolute wrong direction?  TransR delivers those critical few that make the difference in a project. For more information go to

About 21st Century Business

21st Century Business is an award winning television series produced by MMP (USA), Inc.. The show features companies providing business viewers an in depth opportunity to find solutions within many industries globally.

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