You Are What You Eat – FEED your body

When it comes to maintaining health, no other words are more important

Diet alone is often not enough to achieve your fitness goals. Before considering dietary supplements one should determine exactly what that goal is and adjust both diet and supplements to reach it. Baby Boomers are generally concerned with losing weight and Generation X (age 18 to 28) is mostly interested in strength gains and muscle growth. These objectives require very different nutrition intakes; a good baseline nutrition plan is the first step in any type of fitness plan. Vitamins, energy drinks and protein powders alone do not supply an individual’s nutritional requirements.

By definition, these products supplement what may be lacking in your diet. You should not try to replace your food with a pill or powder. Moreover, products that suppress your appetite and help you skip meals are counterproductive. Nature provides an abundance of the minerals and vitamins right in the food you eat and it makes sense to eat as much unprocessed, whole foods as possible.

Supplements and vitamins do not carry the fiber or energy (calories) that the body needs to function. Essentially, they supply specific macronutrients, which allow the body to perform an action such as help breakdown and digest food to create energy. An Internet search of “sports nutrition” will provide you with over forty-nine million sites that try to pawn off their potions but none of the results will attempt to point you to a Sports Nutrition Specialist.

Sports Nutrition Specialists have several different types of programs but they boil down to four basic things – FEED your body.

Fiber, Exercise, Energy and Deficiencies:


All carbohydrates are fiber. Be sure your diet contains whole, unprocessed food such as grains, fruits and vegetables that provide dense nutrients and fiber. These foods improve performance and health with all natural multivitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Diet and exercise walk hand and hand. One is not much good without the other. To meet your specific goals develop an exercise plan that incorporates the appropriate intensity, duration, frequency, progression and recovery time for your physical condition and objective.

Energy (or Calories)

Without sufficient calories, it is impossible to build muscle and increase speed or strength. To lose weight you need to exorcise and you will not be able to do this without sufficient energy. This is the most common mistake people make; they do not take in enough calories to sustain exercise, get tired and give up. Calorie intake needs to be adjusted to individual goals and each person is different.


Sit down and write down what you are eating. Without listing and analyzing what you are eating, you are only guessing. Refocus your food priorities, improve the nutrients you eat and improve your diet. Most of all find out what is missing in your diet and supplement it, if necessary.


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