5 Tips To A Successful Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury lawsuits should not be taken for granted when negligence is obvious. The burden of proof is still the claimants.

If you have been injured in an accident and have been suffering, you may want to be compensated for your pain and suffering. However, a jury will not just take your word for it that you are under discomfort – you have to be able to prove it. Following are five of the most important things to do to prove agony in a personal injury claim.

1. Obtain Medical Treatment

A jury does not want to hear you were “just toughing it out” or “you are not a complainer” as reasons why you did not seek medical attention after an accident. You need documented proof that you were injured and are suffering as a result of someone’s negligence.

2. Keep Your Attorney Updated

Communicating with your attorney is of utmost importance in a personal injury lawsuit. Whenever you get new tests, see a new doctor or specialist, or undergo radiological studies, call your attorney to update your status. Your attorney will guide you through the process and gather all the required documentation.

Applying for government assistance or disability benefits is of particular importance as it may jeopardize your lawsuit. Discuss these things with your lawyer before you apply for them.

3. Describe Your Symptoms Thoroughly

Be as specific as possible about the type of pain you are experiencing. For example, sharp pain with numbness and tingling or dull, achy pain. This assists the doctor in diagnosing your problem and helps a jury in determining the severity of your injuries. Above all be consistent in your description.

4. Be Truthful And Consistent With Your Medical History

Whether speaking to a doctor, nurse or filling out a medical form be consistent. When things change, for better or worse, tell your doctor when the change occurred and note the date. All complaints should remain consistent from one doctor to the next as well as through any type of physical therapy.

5. Be Truthful About Medical History

A preexisting condition or previous injury should always be disclosed. If you have injured the same part of your body, it does not mean a negligent person is not liable for reinjuring an old wound. If you try to hide it and a jury is made aware of the fact, it will hurt your case.

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