Both Brain and Body Improve with Endurance Workouts

Even consistent walking can help both memory and core quality, says study

A new study from Harvard University is showing that endurance exercise may be key to promoting health. The findings are surely a great reason to jump, jog, or swim for joy.

The study was handled by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Harvard Medical School. It noted that when scientists gave inactive mice the protein that was produced in active mice, it turned on genes in the former that boosted brain and body health in nerve regions of the brain important for memory and learning.

The finding thus suggests a way to improve treatments against cognitive declines in the elderly which may assist in slowing progression. This, in turn, could help avoid or slow the onset of diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Harvard Medical School and the Dana Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, as well as one of the co-authors of the study, Bruce Spiegelman, stated that he finds the new exciting. The fact there is a natural substance that could enter the body to mimic particular effects of endurance exercise is a large step in a positive direction.

An earlier study from Spiegelman’s own research team found that FNDC5 proteins is produced by muscular exertion and then is released into an individual’s bloodstream as what is known as irisin. The combination of this and the former study are said to be important to finding pathways to a healthier lifestyle for many. It is also great news for those who have chosen to remain active throughout their lives.

The concept of endurance work may conjure up the idea of mountain climbing or marathon running; however, experts point out that walking is just as effective when done on a regular basis. Walking can be thrown into almost every daily activity, and adding a morning or night stroll can also be helpful to cap off a day. By throwing in some light weights to walk with, one can up the quality of the workout.

And if brain activity is not enough to sway some, studies also concluded that core sculpting is most effectively managed with consistent endurance workouts. That means stomach, back, and sides can be more effectively controlled with such activities.


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