Five Tips for Selecting the Correct Bedding and Mattress

Picking the right bedding and mattress is simple with these five easy tips.

1. Budget

For most people the first consideration is their budget. Prices are wide ranging but a good rule of thumb is to choose the best quality mattress your budget will allow. Buying a cheap mattress and needing to replace it after a couple of years will cost you more in the long run.

2. Requirements

A guest room, that is not used that often, has significantly different requirements than a master bedroom or children’s room. Your sleep partner will most likely have different preferences and coming to an agreement on comfort factors such as sleep position, weight and height before you go shopping is important. The amount of cushioning foam and fill for each model differs and determines the firmness of the mattress.

3. Sleep Position

Back sleepers:

Your weight is evenly distributed over a larger surface and a firm mattress generally works the best. However, some give, to fit the contours of your back, may want to be considered depending on your weight.

Side sleepers:

This increases the amount of pressure on your hips and shoulders. Uncomfortable pressure points accompanied by tingling or numbness often develop in legs or arms. More cushioning in the mattress is required to alleviate the force on pressure points.

Stomach sleepers:

This position presents many challenges in comfort. It is not natural for the back to be arched backwards and care should be taken to find the perfect firmness of mattress that will keep your back as straight as possible. The amount of cushioning will vary depending on the circumference of your stomach.

4. Bed Size

The length of the bed should be at least 4 inches longer than your height. It should be wide enough so each sleeper can sleep comfortably without relative sleeping space overlapping. The width would depend on the amount of tossing and turning each individual does while sleeping.

5. Unique Sleep Needs

There are many innovative sleep accessories in bedding today including pillows that uniquely support your head and neck, temperature-balancing bedding for those who sleep too hot or cold and natural allergy defense bedding solutions for those with allergies. It is also important to check the warranty on the mattress before you make your decision.


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