Experts Believe Robotic Solution To Hair Loss Will Be Success

Individual follicles removed rather than strips of hair

Chris Coppa may wear a baseball cap to most places he goes to, however, the doctor’s office is not one of them. That is because he is in the office in order to try and fix his balding issue.

“I started losing my hair when I was in high school. The deciding factor for me to do something about my hair loss was because I’m tired of always wearing a baseball hat,” Coppa said.

In the last few weeks, Coppa underwent hair transplant procedures that are new and promise to alter the stigma he currently experiences. That new procedure utilizes a robotic system titles Artas.

“This is the most precise device to harvest follicular units that is available to date,” said Dr. Robert Leonard of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates.

Coppa had the back of his head shaved so that hair could be collected from the healthier part of his skull. That hair would then be transplanted where needed on his scalp. That portion of the procedure may sound familiar to many because it is not the new part of the procedure. But the way in which the hair is collected is a new concept. Instead of removing strips of hair, each individual hair follicle is removed through robotic technology.

“I control the device 100 percent. I have a little remote, actually, and we have a large TV screen. Everything’s magnified so I can see exactly where the next harvest will be, and if I don’t like where that harvest is — for example, if there’s a prior scar or something — I can skip over that one and go to the next one,” Leonard said.

The initial hairs will grow and then fall out, according to doctors. However, within the next six months Chris is expected to see results. “The hair grows back and it completely hides those little tiny dots that are remaining,” Leonard said.


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