NASA Is Looking For Test Subjects in Bed Rest Study

The Study will be conducted at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston

NASA’s Flight Analog Research Unit (FARU) is looking for volunteers for a bed rest study. However, it may not be a dream job for a couch potato because you have to pass a physical first and there is plenty of exercise involved. The pay is quite good though. For lying down on the job for 90 days, you will receive $17,000 or a little over $5,000 a month.

The series of studies conducted by the Flight Analogs Project Team at the Johnson Space Center supports the scientific requirements of the space program. The team is developing methods that help keep astronauts that spend a long time without gravity in space safer and healthier. The methods will minimize bodily changes that occur to during space flight and maximize the return of normal bodily functions once the astronauts return to Earth.

Microgravity is difficult to mimic in an experimental environment and a potential challenge to crewmembers in the space environment. Many of the effects of extended exposure to a low-gravity environment can be duplicated in a head-down tilt position, which will be a large part of the bed rest study conducted by engineers and researchers at NASA’s Human Research Program (HRP). Test subjects for the research studies will be provided by the Human Test Subject Facility personnel in coordination with the C-9 Reduced Gravity Flight Program.

The beds will be adjusted into different positions that reproduce the effects of different gravity levels and countermeasures will be developed to ease the effects of reduced gravity on astronauts during long-duration space missions in the future. The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston will maintain a dedicated bed-rest study facility for the Flight Analog Research Unit (FARU) and healthy test subjects are needed to participate in the studies. The project is managed by the Biomedical Projects Branch. Multiple areas of focus will encompass the bed rest studies including psychological and musculoskeletal effects of a long-term reduced gravity environment.


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