Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Break with Royal Tradition

The christening of Prince George will be a smaller family affair

Prince George’s upcoming christening has led to much speculation as to who will be the godparents but the selection of three of his parent’s old school chums comes as a complete surprise. The Duke’s childhood friend Hugh van Cutsem and school friend Fergus Boyd will share the role as godfathers and the Duchess’s Marlborough College friend Emilia d’Erlanger will act as godmother.

Another surprise was that several senior figures in the royal family have been excluded from the guest list for Prince George’s christening on October 23. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wished to have a small family affair explained a source close to the family and the guest list has been fully approved by Queen Elizabeth II. “William and Kate wanted a small, personal and thoughtful service and concluded too many people would spoil it. There is no suggestion they don’t get on with any members of their family, but it was easier to leave out the great aunts and uncles,” the source explained.

This is not the first time the couple has broken away from the tradition of grand royal affairs. Last year, William was presented with a list of 777 people that were to be invited to his wedding; neither the bride nor groom knew most of the people on the list. Perplexed, he went to the Queen for advice and she told him to “get rid of it,” invite the people you both care about, she said, adding, “It’s your day.”

“The Queen thinks William’s ability to think for himself and not be always bound by tradition is a strength which will one day make him a great king,” said the source. The couple has also broken with tradition in the christening venue. Instead of Buckingham Palace, the event will take place at the Chapel Royal. The choice is probably in tribute to his mother, Princess Diana. Her body rested their in the days that led up to her interment.

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