Study Shows Brits Need More Activity in Their Daily Lives

Two thirds of Britons are at risk of premature death because they fail to achieve daily 30 minutes of brisk walking

According to new studies, nearly two thirds of Brits are putting their own health at risk by doing so very little compared to the recommended amount.

The World heart Federation stated that 67% of Brits fail to make it to the 30 minutes per day of activity. That activity can be as small as a brisk walk, and yet many are still unable to keep up. There are 29% of individuals that do less than nine minutes per day, on average, which statistically places them at risk of a premature death.

The Heart Federation warns that the increase in inactivity equals an increase in heart-attack or stroke likelihood. The study held in order to present information for the World Heart Day noted that Britain has become one of the least active nations in the world.

By contrast, 48% of Spaniards walk at least 30 minutes per day, while over half of all Brazilians and Indians do the same. Within England, Midlanders are the laziest, as 74% are not doing enough walking. Over a third are walking less than nine minutes per day as well.

The Scots are the most active within the United Kingdom, with 39% getting their recommended exercise in, while one in six do more than an hour per day.

The study also noted that over a third of all Brits had no idea how much time they spent walking per day. Chief Science Officer Dr. Kathryn Taubert stated; “Awareness is the first step to a healthy heart. Paying attention to how much we walk should be as simple as watching what we eat.”

The study finally noted than men tend to be the lazier of the sexes, with nearly three-fourths doing less than the recommended daily activity, as compared to 63% of women.Children appeared to be an encouraging factor in staying active, with 37% of those with kids doing at least 30 minutes of activity per day, versus the 32% without.


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