ANSES Finds ‘No Demonstrated Impact’ on Health from Mobile Devices

Still recommends using hands-free sets and speaker-phone options

Mobile phones, wifi and cell phone relay antennas show “no demonstrated impact” on health, according to France’s safety watchdog group earlier in the week. This, despite years of reports that there was reason to fear the consistent use and activity of cell phones.

The National Agency for Health, Food, and Environmental Safety (ANSES) stated that during its lab tests, emissions tests had a “biological” effect on cells but at a “limited” level. With that noted, it found no grounds to recommend changes in the existing laws regarding phones as it still was “no demonstrated impact” on one’s health.

The ANSES also noted that it would make recommendations that constant users of mobile phones ought limit their exposure of devices simply for safety’s sake. The report was issued by a panel of 16 experts who stated that more than 300 scientific studies have now been published since 2009. That was the most recent year any results had been posted on the issue.

The panel also took the time to note certain studies found risk of brain cancer for considerably heavy users of mobile phones, according to the ANSES. “In the light of current knowledge, given the rapid evolution of technologies and their uses, Anses recommends limiting the population’s exposure to radio frequency energy — in particular for mobile phones, and particularly for children and heavy users — and to control general exposure to relay antennas,” it said.

Head of risk assessment at the ANSES, Dominique Gombert, stated that heavy use of mobile phones is considered anything over 40 minutes per day of direct usage that, wherein the device is placed directly onto the fact or head.

Hands-off kids were recommended by the ANSES, again, specifically to be ‘safe rather than sorry’ overall.


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