Study Shows Australians Working Remotely

Over 5.6 million use remote working during any given week

According to new research numbers from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), over 5.6 million adult Australians have used the internet to work from home within the last year.

The report titled Home is Where the Work Is, looked at over 2,400 consumers and nearly 1,500 smaller and medium-sized enterprises to compile its data. The results noted that 41% of employed Australians were either accessing the Internet outside of normal work hours or using telework capabilities to work from other locations at least occasionally.

ACMA noted that 2.8 million Australians worked from their residence two days per week or more, while 863,000 worked elsewhere at least one day each week.

A whopping 68% of digital workers utilized laptops or a like device provided by the employer to work from the office. A third of all workers used a smartphone, while just over 20% used a tablet. Another 30% still utilized a PC for accessing work online.

Joseph Di Gregorio, who sits at ACMA communications analysis manager, said that Australians were finding acclimation between life and work, which created a new dynamic.

“Work is not separate to our personal daily lives. For example, we check our phones constantly for emails,” he said.

Nearly 95% of all respondents in the research study reported that the benefits from working from home included the flexibility to work from elsewhere, as well as the change to get work done from the comfort of a chosen location. This, rather than having a forced location, seems to provide workers with a sense of control.

On the flip-side of that coin, nearly a quarter of all respondents noted a reduction in access to communication services, and another 20% stated they missed the opportunity to connect with work colleagues efficiently.


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