Tips for Developing a Well-Behaved Dog from K9 Korral

Tips for Developing a Well-Behaved Dog from K9 Korral

The joy of owning a well-behaved dog is the best reason to visit a dog obedience-training center like K9 Korral, Dog Trainers in Bradenton, FL. A common problem that comes up is determining what philosophy to follow when training dogs. While many new approaches to dog training develop every day, K9 Korral likes to stick to the things that have produced results. “When your dog walks nicely on a leash and responds well to commands, you can have a much better relationship going forward,” said Jeffery Andrew, the Founder and Training Director of K9 Korral Obedience Training Center.

Most of the common behavior problems are very easy to remedy with a little extra time spent in dog training in Sarasota. By signing up for dog obedience training, owners can begin to trust the dog at home, share their dog with visitors and enjoy pleasant walks outside with people and other animals.

Everyone wants to keep their pet healthy these days, but it takes real commitment to achieve this goal. The staff at K9 Korral can help. They offer sport massage, therapeutic massage, acupressure and more to maximize the pet’s wellbeing. They also offer: Photonic Cold Laser Healing

Thermal Imaging

Cold laser healing regenerates an injured area with a soft laser or a healing laser. With thermal imaging, the staff can diagnose a wide range of animal issues like poor performance, lameness, abscesses and infections and so much more.

To discover the best dog inside, K9 Korral emphasizes positive reinforcement while teaching the benefits of structure, guidance and authority. It’s the foundation for a rewarding relationship with their human. K9 Korral’s motto is “maximizing the positive, minimizing the negative and being realistic,” and they get there by understanding both the owner and the dog’s temperament at the start and finding an approach that works.

Proven positive methods can make the difference between an unmanageable pet and a dog that everyone admires. AT K9 Korral, the trainers ask the dog to behave at all times, and to interact correctly with the dog owner.

K9 Korral’s Product or Services
K9 Korral can meet most dog owners’ needs. Along with everything else, K9 Korral also offers dog boarding, doggy day care and holistic dog food products. Once people are committed, the dog shows a difference almost immediately, starting with the day the owner brings the dog in. Holistic food has the nutrients dogs want without the filler other dog food has. People love a dog that is healthy and well behaved.

The K9 Korral’s Sarasota dog boarding and doggy day care are services that strive to reassure pet owners that their dog is in good hands when they must leave it for the day or for extended trips. During the workday, the pet experiences long, lonely hours and that can lead to many negative developments. With doggy day care, the dog will enjoy the attendance of our professional staff. A familiarity with the staff and the surroundings will help when the dog is dropped off for longer stays, like vacations or weekend business trips.

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