Compatibility Is Key When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

A good photographer will establish a repertoire with the bride and groom

When your wedding day ends and your honeymoon is over what you are left with is the memories of the day. It is important to have those memories captured and photographed in a style you can relate to — one that brings back those memories vividly. Traci Buck, a Grants Pass wedding photographer for 14 years says, “In the years to come, what do you have left from your wedding? You have your photos and your memories.”

One of the most important decisions a couple can make is choosing a wedding photographer that will capture all the details and important moments as well as the unplanned things that happen in the blink of an eye. “Everything is a flash. The kiss happens for a second and you don’t get to redo. There are no second chances,” Mikell Nielsen of Mikellouise Photography says.

Most professional photographers agree on two things when it comes to wedding photography. First, find a photographer whose style is a match for what you have in mind. Second and most importantly, make sure you are comfortable with him/her. Rogue River photographer, Jacquelyn Cease says, “Make sure you love their work and their personality.”

Michael Newcomb, a professional photographer working on a basic photography-training book agrees. “One important thing that I mention in the book is that one of the big themes is the personality of the photographer and the rapport. It’s so important for a bride and groom to meet the photographer and really make a time commitment,” he says. “Myself, I won’t photograph a wedding without doing a consultation and really planning it out. To me the key to success — even though it may be photographed as things happen pretty much unplanned — it’s still that the key to success is planning and organizing and finding out what they want.”


Libra Photographics ( knows just how important memories are and our job is to capture that moment in time, no second chances, and that excites us. Having your memories recorded by us will always be fun, we pride ourselves in the ability to get people to relax, pressing the button is the easy part.

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