Radiation-Proof Workwear Developed In Wake of Fukushima Disaster

Yamamoto Corporation unveils line of clothing that blocks radiation

After a major earthquake and tsunami in 2011, the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan suffered triple hydrogen explosions. The plant itself and the surrounding area, along with the people living and working in the region, have been affected by various levels of radioactive contamination ever since then. In an effort to combat the problem and any similar situations that may arise in the future, Yamamoto Corporation has recently come up with a range of radiation-proof apparel.

According to the Osaka-based manufacturer of famous Japanese swimwear, the clothing line is capable of blocking the harmful beta rays that are being produced in the aftermath of the Fukushima radioactive disaster. Beta rays can cause life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

Aside from the benefit the work wear can provide to first responders in a disaster. The line is specifically targeted to people working in and around the damaged nuclear power plant. The range, comprised of swimsuits, wetsuits and innerwear, is composed of a unique brand of rubberized kneaded carbon.

The workwear line is scheduled to be released to the public, commercially in November 2013. Yamamoto manufacturers specialized, innovative products such as aerospace, professional sports, apparel, health and wellness clothing made out of high-performance rubber-based materials.

A research team from the Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), the country’s largest public research organization, has also developed a special kind of decontamination fabric. The fabric can absorb nearly 99 percent of radioactive caesium dissolved in soil and water. This was one of the first attempts to battle the radioactive damages caused by the power plant.

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