Private Jet Industry Quietly Hoping for Uptick in 2013

Reason to hope for clear skies ahead for industry

In the exclusive world of business jets associated with those in the film in royalty industry, signs of being on the up have come to light now that companies and executives see the options as a vital tool to show they are handling business well.

The Las Vegas business jet show has opened for a three-day event to showcase the sector of items that are the pinnacle of glitz and glamor for corporations and businesses to show partners and guests they are on the up-swing.

Frustrated by the fixed schedules of regular aviation companies, international businesses are turning to luxury jets as a way to up their profit margins.

“More than ever private aviation allows company directors to be more competitive and closer to their clients,” said Check Suma, a vice-president for NetJets, the world leader in the sector.

And while the economic crisis is still hanging over manufacturers heads, the private jet industry is looking at clear skies following the difficult four years prior. “Coming out of the crisis is a lengthy, slow process. It is happening but in a rational way,” said Eric Trappier, chief executive of the French group Dassault Aviation speaking before the show.

There drop compared to the peak in 2008, according to Gama.

In the first quarter of 2013, global deliveries were seen down 4.1%. “Companies are more careful. Their order books have filled up and investment time is coming,” said Trappier, who did not want to estimate when this might happen in the business jet industry.

Honeywell, an aviation equipment-maker, believes that the private jet sector will see growth by the end of 2013. Suma sees reason to have reserved optimism moving forward. “We are observing a continuous improvement of the economy, slowly but surely, and as a result business aviation is getting better too. But… growth will depend on a sustainable economic recovery.”


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