Philatron Releases New 21st Century Extension Cord – Flexy Cord™

When using extension cords one may end up wasting a lot of time, either by having to unwind and rewind them repeatedly, or worse, struggling to untangle a mess of wire. All that wasted time and maddening frustration explains why there are so many cord reeling and wrapping devices on the market. They all promise to prevent tangles, kinks and snares, but none of them work well.

One day, a customer asked Phil Ramos, Jr., Founder and CEO of Philatron Wire and Cable, if his company could develop a coiled cord for recharging electrical vehicles—one that is tangle proof; extends really far; retracts to original length every time it’s used; is very compact for easy storage in the car; and that has a soft pull for women users.

Phil tackled the problem with his customary mix of engineering, 21st Century materials science, and intuitive common sense. Though he holds many patents, he’s not your typical eccentric inventor—except perhaps in his other role as a business owner, because he insists on making all his products in the USA and refuses to import cheap poor quality products from offshore sources.

His basic concept is simple: Reduce the diameter of the cord and increase the diameter of the coil. That way you get an extension cord that acts and looks like those SLINKY TOYS most people played with as kids. In addition, Phil developed specially engineered materials with “memory” (so they “remember” their original retracted length) and are tangle-proof and kink-proof.

The result is a new line of “slinky-action” compact extension cords—called Flexy Cord™. Flexy Cords are available in different compact lengths: 4 inches (extending to 8 feet), 5 inches (extending to 10 feet), 10 inches (extending to 20 feet), and 20 inches (with a whopping 45 feet extension).

Flexy Cord™ makes a unique gift for a handyman, photographer, gardener or homemaker. It’s also fun watching a grownup recipient play with it, trying to figure out how they can make power cords that extend so far and retract all the way back.

But Phil is more than a prolific inventor; he’s also an entrepreneur. “The next step,” he says, “is to adapt the same technology to power cords used in every type of electric appliance, tool, instrument and other equipment. You’re less likely to trip over fully-retractable cords, so they’re much safer to use. They also save space, time…and money.”

But despite its supple “slinky action”, Flexy Cord is not a toy. The safety advantages of its high extended-to-retracted ratio could easily be exploited for products used at construction sites, theatrical sets, cleaning services, auto and truck repair places, medical offices, tradeshows, schools, etc. It can also reduce common hazards in boating, RVs and mobile machinery, equipment and appliances.