Would-Be-Burglar Caught On Tape

Home surveillance footage quickly leads to arrest

After her Woburn, Massachusetts home was broken into for the second time in five years, Jacqueline Duffy had a security system with a video camera installed. She pointed the camera at the window that had been used on the previous break-in. To her surprise, when she came home on Friday night her security alarm was activated. She went to her monitor, played back the video and watched in horror as a man squeezed himself through the window beside her air conditioning unit.

“Watching the footage brought out a flood of different emotions,” Duffy admits. “I was upset that someone would invade our home, relieved that the security system worked and thought it was a bit funny the way he squeezed in. I have no idea who the man is, nor do I want to ‘meet’ him again.” When the system alarm went off, the burglar was startled and ran from the home without taking anything. Duffy then called the police.

The Woburn Police took a screenshot of the burglar and ran it through a statewide database. Lynn Police quickly recognized the man as Charles Derochemont, 35, of 1A MacArthur Circle, Peabody, Massachusetts. When questioned, he promptly confessed to climbing through the window citing a variety of “personal issues” as the reason. Duffy uploaded the video to YouTube to show the dangers of using a window mounted air conditioner and the advantages of home security systems. Titled “Busted Burglar” the 59-second clip has already had more than 368,000 views. “Needless to say, we are looking into installing central air,” Duffy says.

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