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If you do not respond to your customers needs, you will not have any customers. If your Website does not respond to your customers device, you will have very few customers.

If you own a website and do business online the more you know about web design the better off you will be. This statement is true now more than ever, with the evolution of mobile Web access and the swiftly changing online world. With the growing opposition in every niche, a working knowledge of the web design processes is a definite competitive advantage.

Collaboration with highly skilled web design teams will also provide you with the growing assortment of skill sets required to keep your site up to date. The most important aspect to web design today and one that can make or break your business is responsive web design. This is the process of designing a site that responds to the device used to view it. Responsive web design resizes your web pages and reformats the text to fit the screen perfectly.

Additionally, it adjusts the navigation of your website for a better user experience. If your customer gets frustrated trying to view your site or navigate his or her way around it with a particular device (such as a tablet or smartphone) he or she will not be your customer any longer. With an increasing number of different screen sizes and different devices, keeping your website presence versatile is all-important. Your website should be functional for visitors whether being viewed on a laptop, an over-sized desktop computer monitor, a 4-inch smartphone screen, a 7-inch tablet or a 10-inch tablet. Without responsive web design you are only reaching a small percentage of your target audience.


Pixeltistic ( is a web design company dublin that gives you the edge you need to get a step up on your competition. We will work with you to delve into the mind of your potential customers, and eventually deliver the utmost degree on every performance objective.

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