Marlins to Return the Orange Caps in 2014

Seldom used caps might bring some sales upticks to floundering team

While some may have quickly forgotten about the Miami Marlins, they are still in fact a Major League Baseball team. And the team is looking like it will bring back their orange caps for the 2014 season. According to a post made by “The Fish Pond” which is a blog run by the Miami Marline writer Joe Frisaro, the caps will make a return, regardless of the like or dislike of fans.

“Marlins President David Samson noted that the team plans to wear the brighter hate more in 2014. Since rebranding as a the Miami Marlins in 2012, the team has had the “red-orange” hats, but they were only worn sparingly in the first season at Marlins Park.”

The hats were worn less than “Sparingly, in fact, and in the two seasons since the team was rebranded, they have wore the cap a grand total of two times. In 324 games total, twice is even less than sparingly. It is curious considering that the color fits both the concept of the team, and the color scheme of the Miami area.

The Miami Marlins did not wear the hats at all in 2013, and that last time Miami did dawn the caps was on June 7, 2012. Prior to that, they wore the caps in a 6-2 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The hats may have been simply lost in the shuffle during the terrible 2012 season. It could be the case they were simply further dropped down the ladder of important items when the team fell apart for the 2013 season.

Sales were not all that affected by the loss of the red-orange colored hat; however, one would assume that the move to incorporate it more means it had potential to be an identifying marker. And again, the color scheme for the hat mixes well with the identity and color scheme of the city and region as a whole.


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