Drive-In With Junked Cars Serves as Art Piece and Earth-Conscious Reminder

Visitors enjoy spectacle, but junked cars just a portion of the landfill problem for globe

The Drive-In theater used to be the staple of American culture in the 1950s and 60s. Many who grew up as baby boomers, yuppies, and Xers remember them as fun ways to enjoy an evening. But in the 90s they essentially vanished from the scene, and now it appears they may make a bit of a return.

Meanwhile, dumps have become a bigger and bigger problem worldwide, and are often seen as places that are essentially without use. That is why the creation of a “Drive In” theater within a junked car dump is such an intriguing idea.

Brooklyn’s Jeff Stark and Todd Chandler have now created Empire Drive-In, which is an art project that also surveys as an entertainment theater and a public service announcement of sorts. The piece sits in the New York Hall of Science, and Empire Drive-In is currently showing movies on their giant screen that has been created through recycled product.

The theater may differ from standard drive-ins a bit, as one does not need to bring his/her own vehicle. The seating is made up of real junked cars that now serve as fun seating arrangements.

The art duo has done this type of project before. It was first handled within the UK, and the aim was simply to make a post-apocalyptic art piece. However, the idea was such a hit, they decided it was an idea worth continuing. The piece both works as true entertainment with a enjoyable concept, as well as a way for Stark and Chandler to speak indirectly on the concept of over-consumption and wastefulness.

Regardless of whether one takes home their idea to heart, or if they simply enjoy a good movie in a unique viewing experience, the concept resonates with the masses. If nothing else, the idea is a brilliant use of junked vehicles that would otherwise be unused or scrapped and left to rust and rot in a dump somewhere.


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