Lamar Odom Making Strides to Prove He’s Put Drugs Behind Him

Husband and Khloe Kardashian seen together in public for the first time in months

According to new reports, Khloe Kardashian has blamed Lamar Odom’s drug addiction for the many times the NBA star cheated on the reality personality. However, the former clipper is said to be vowing to take randomized drug tests in order to prove both his sobriety and commitment to the Kardashian sister in an attempt to save the troubled marriage.

There seems to be a shift by the couple to attempt to work out the issues that come with the drug abuse and infidelity that stem forthwith.

While the couple is not formally back together they “are on a path that will likely end up in a reconciliation. Lamar has volunteered to undergo random drug tests anytime that Khloe requests. The drastic maneuver impressed Khloe, but she is still is very concerned that Lamar has refused to go to rehab,” an insider stated when speaking with Radar.

“Lamar has also stopped hanging out with his shady drug friends, and has cut off all contact with them. There was a time when Khloe would call Lamar and he wouldn’t call her back for hours, or even days, as he would disappear on drug binges.”

Earlier in the week the couple was seen at the Kanye West concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. “Now, whenever Khloe calls him, Lamar almost always answers the phone, and if he doesn’t, he calls her back right away,” the source said. “Lamar is doing everything possible to try and get his marriage back on track.”

Prior to the concert on Monday, the couple had not been seen together for more than a month. However, the insider stated that the two had been seeing one another under the radar. Which included “secret dates including going to the movies and out to low key dinners in the Valley. They have been going to places that they know they won’t be spotted by paps.” The source continued by stating “Khloe is often dropped off by her assistant because they are truly trying to work on their marriage out of the spotlight. Lamar has spent the night with Khloe in their Tarzana mansion, but he hasn’t moved back in, yet,” the source added.


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