Two Drug Rehabilitation Clinics Set for South St. Louis

Adult and adolescent buildings up in 2014 and 2015

Two residential drug treatment facilities are set to be placed in south St. Louis by the Preferred Family Healthcare group. One of the buildings is to be set in Dutchtown neighborhood, while the other is to be located in Tower Grove South.

The Dutchtown building will be a treatment center for adults, while the Tower Grove South facility is intended to be for housing adolescents. The clinics are said to be a total cost of $11 million, according to the company.

PFH, which is based in Town and Country, is a nonprofit provider of adult and adolescent drug treatment services within the Missouri and Kansas area. The sites were purchased by the company last year.

Work began for the $5.8 billion, 24,000-square-foot facility with 16 residential beds, 12 officers, a doctor’s office and recreation room, as well as two nurses stations built in. Completion of the project is said to be in 10 months, which would place it near September of 2014.

The building for adolescents will be somewhat similar to the adult facility, and will allow for family visitations in a designated area, according to PFH. Construction is said to be set for early next year. That would place its completion sometime around spring or summer of 2015.

The PFH group has stated that the adolescent clinic will house nearly 120 individuals annually, while the adult center is likely to have 900 residents. Treatment periods are said to be averaged at 21 days for adults, which is often followed by outpatient care. Adolescent inpatient stays are often twice as long, according to Jim Wallis, who works as senior vice president of development.

“These are projects I think that Shane and Jennifer will be proud to have in their wards and that the city can be proud of,” he said.


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