Jameson’s Recent Interview Has Many Concerned Of Possible Drug Problem

Former pornstar denies anything to be concerned about

After a train-wreck of an interview on Oct. 21 was completed, rumors about Jenna Jameson’s possible drug problem began to surface almost immediately. The former adult actress was a guest on Good Day New York in order to promote her novel “Sugar”, and TMZ stated that Jameson was a mess to such an extent that the producers had to cut the segment short.

Now, sources are stating that the slurred speech and dazed appearance of Jameson was related to an addiction problem. “Jenna is struggling with an addiction to Oxycontin,” a source close Jameson, who has asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.

“She is a complete mess right now and is barely holding it together. All of her friends have tried to talk her into going to rehab to get treatment but she is in complete denial about her problem.

“Jenna has been going through a really tough time since splitting from Tito and losing custody of the twins, she is truly a lost soul—it is really, really sad, and those who are still around her—who she hasn’t pushed away—are seriously concerned for her.”

The 39-year-old actress has struggled with addictions in the past, as she landed a DUI last year while crashing wherein she crashed her car. Tito Ortiz, who is Jameson’s ex and father of her two children, recently spoke out and claimed she did, in fact, have a drug problem. However, the former adult star denied any such struggles.

Jameson also denied any influence-related issues on the Monday night show, stating that it was all due simply to exhaustion. She stated that she feels she has no drug problem to speak of.

Addiction is often rife with individuals not being able to admit to the problem, however, one must not be quick to judgment. Exhaustion for those in the entertainment industry can be a very real symptom. A mixture of busy schedules, constant travel, and round-the-clock attention can drain an individual. That said, the history of concern surrounding Jameson would point to something worse than simple bouts with exhaustion.

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